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Hometown Heroes

Hometown Heroes

They’ve dedicated their lives to protecting others. But who will protect their hearts?

Laguna Vista, California (where the series is set) isn’t a real town, but it’s based on the area of Orange County that I lived in for twelve years. As with many stories, a confluence of ideas came together that I wanted to explore. Not to mention it’s a beautiful location with the ocean to the west and foothills and mountains to the east and the austere-but-beautiful desert within driving distance.

The area has an interesting juxtaposition of wealth and conservatism. Christianity is both embraced and challenged. It’s home to Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church, a church I attended and served at. One of the questions I struggled with while living there was how does someone live an authentic Christian life while daily challenged with the trappings of an affluent lifestyle? Cars, houses, jewelry, beauty all add up to one thing in Orange County: image. It’s the most valuable commodity.

So how does a Christian reconcile being made in the image of God with society’s image? Ultimately, all the characters in the book must deal with this question on their faith journey. Each of them has their own unique image, yet all are made in the image of God. I hope that is one thing you will take away from reading The Hometown Heroes Series and that you will be encouraged to reflect on how uniquely you are made in the image of God.

Download a graphic of all the books and characters in the series here.

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