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The Author

JL Crosswhite, Christian Romantic Suspense Author, looking out at the ocean.

Ordinary people. Extraordinary circumstances. Extra-ordinary God.

The first two sentences don’t necessarily have good outcomes without the third.

Some days life is just hard. The kids are screaming. The house is a mess. Your boss wants a report yesterday. The fridge is empty. The sink is overflowing. You forgot to pay a bill. Your Facebook feed is full of other people’s vacation photos, gourmet meals, and cute shoes.

It’s overwhelming.

And when we’re overwhelmed, maybe we don’t always respond to life with serenity and grace.

It’s time to take a break. Pick up a book and join someone else’s world for a while. Books last longer than a fancy coffee drink and can take you to anywhere in the world and to any time period.

Most of us are ordinary people. We won’t be mentioned in history books. Documentary films won’t be made about our lives. A film crew won’t follow us through out our days. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t extraordinary.

Each of us has a unique purpose and reason for being on this planet, whether we know it or not, whether we can see it or not over the mounds of bills, dirty laundry, piles of dishes.

But sometimes we need someone to show us the way. Heroes and heroines who live life a bit bigger than we do, though not necessarily by their choice.

So take a break for a moment. Grab a few quiet moments and your favorite drink and read about women and men as ordinary as you. Who may or may not recognize that they are in some extraordinary circumstances.

And see what happens.